CLIENT RECOMMENDATIONSSome examples of our works

During its long existence, AKL DECOR had the privilege and honor to supply and help many customers from all regions, countries and backgrounds.
Here are the testimonials of some of these persons and institutions, which we thank for trusting us.

We thank Akl Decor for their works and help in equipping the new campus of our embassy in Ramlet El Baida, Street No.77 Dr. Philippe Hitti, Beirut, Lebanon.

Iraqi Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon

We are very happy with the new furniture, curtains and lighting works Akl Decor completed in our new house in Horsh Tabet, Sin El Fil. A showroom worth visiting!

Mrs. Bou Naoum, Sin El Fil, Beirut

Akl Decor made a really nice job in furnishing and decorating our complete villa in Alma-El-Shaab, South Lebanon.

Mr. A. Zoorob, Lebanon

We thank Akl Decor for the exceptional meeting table he made especially for us.

Dar El Fatwa, Aisha Bakkar, Ibn Rushd Street, Lebanon

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