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Back in 1967, Georges H. Akl founded AKL DECOR in a flourishing Lebanese economy. All the countries of the Middle East used to visit Beirut and Lebanon, nicknamed the “Swiss of the Orient”.

During these good times, Georges H. Akl quickly managed to make the name and quality of its products famous within Lebanon and with our Arab guests.

All styles were designed, produced and finalized: Classical, Modern, Antique, Neoclassical, American, etc. which constitute the basis of our large current experience.


New Showroom on Hazmieh Highway

The constant need for more space required a new, large showroom.

After the end of the civil war, Lebanon decided to rebuild itself. With this trend, new demands and projects were constantly submitted. To allow a better display and selection of the numerous models and designs we have, we decided to build a new building on Hazmieh Highway.

More than five floors tries today to display and show as much as possible the large spectrum of products and services we can offer to the world.


New Factory

A new factory built in the Mkalles Industrial Area

To keep up with the increasing orders and demand, a new factory, built with the most professional requirements, centralized the production processes of AKL DECOR SAL starting 2003.



All new projects and clients emerging are connecting with AKL DECOR.

Despite the difficult circumstances that Lebanon has suffered during the past years, including a war and a regional crisis, we have always put our faith in our country. We have and will always remain the same corporation, providing the same quality and satisfaction, that we have been consistent with since our creation in 1967.

New departments have emerged in the 2000s: Curtains Department, Accessories Department, Textiles, etc.

All is needed to provide the customer with a complete solution to his home, without the need to outsource the key requirements of a successful project.


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When designing your home, we will make sure that our final work reflects your identity and style.

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